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Tuesday 13th August

Here's what we covered on the show this month.

How to live to be 100 years old.

I heard this great quote recently that made me stop and think.

If you want to make it to 100 you’d better feel great at 50.

As it was my own 50th birthday yesterday it really struck a chord with me and here’s why it really ought to make you think too.

Regardless of your age that statement is not really about reaching 100 at all. It’s about having a quality life for as long as possible. If I can do that for another 50 years great but I’m not sure I want 50 years of sickness. Another way to look at it is like this; you want to die young as late as possible.

The statement about reaching 100 really makes you think about your health in a slightly different way and this is my point. As boring as saving for a pension is, it’s exactly what your health and fitness is like. For every day you move well, eat well and think well you are investing in your future. Making small deposits in the bank of you.You can read more about this by clicking here.

A breakfast fit for diabetics

I had this question via Facebook from Victoria who is turning her life around and changing her ways after being diagnosed with diabetes. She asked me if I had any suggestions for a healthy breakfast that doesn't taste like cardboard.

I often talk about the unhealthy side of breakfast on the show. There are a pile of bad choices out there which are loaded with sugar. So finding something quick and easy that doesn't taste boring can be a little tricky.

So here's something heathy, tasty, easy to make and great for diabetics. Cherry Bakewell Oats. Click here and see how it's done.

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